The Best Day Care Center in Ascension Parish with Research-based Curriculum for Infants Through Pre-K

The early years of childhood are a key time for development and learning. Children need to be introduced to several skills and activities in order to build a solid foundation of knowledge for the years of learning yet to come.

At Wonder Kids Academy, we focus on providing each child with a tailored education that builds upon their current talents and grows their knowledge by introducing new skills. Our day care center programs are designed to meet the needs of your child as they grow throughout the years and target specific skills at different ages.


6 weeks to 18 months

From six weeks to 18 months, kids in our infant day care center program experience special development in their social and emotional skills. We focus on building positive relationships and attachments, developing their trust, and teaching impulse management through brain-stimulating activities. Your child will also enjoy an introduction to music, which plays an important role in language skills later.
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18 months to 36 months

When your child is in between 18 and 36 months, their development needs change and it is the most optimal time to develop their language, problem solving, coordination, and social skills. As children develop at different rates, we adapt the day care center curriculum for each individual child in this age group and help grow individual skills effectively by treating every experience as a learning opportunity.
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3 years old

Three-year-olds are unique in their cognitive development. Children at this age have deeper growth capabilities and are able to absorb more complex skills. In this age group, we focus on teaching interactive play, verbal and written communication skills, and the foundations of STEAM (science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics).
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3 years to 5 years

For children ages three to five, our Pre-K day care center program focuses on comprehensive development that meets national standards. From language, math, and science skills to continued development in social and emotional skills, our Pre-K program supports your child’s complete physical, cognitive, and emotional development as they ready themselves for higher education.
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