At Our Child Care Center, Your Child Will Learn Language, Cognitive, Physical, Social, and Technological Skills to Prepare Them for the Ever-Advancing World

Our Mission

At Wonder Kids Academy, our mission is to give children the education and skills they need to face the world with confidence and success.

We aim to nurture each child’s abilities during the most important time of their developing years with encouraging education and positive relationships. Starting early at six weeks, we prepare children for school and life by molding their language, cognitive, physical, and social skills. Our teachers incorporate a research-driven curriculum and advanced technology in and outside of our child care center to develop healthy minds that are ready to take on the world.

With a supportive early education, your child will have the foundation he or she needs to continue their journey with success and confidence.


Beginning in 2018, the founders of Wonder Kids Academy noticed that a key part of everyday life was not being taught in many child care centers – the use of technology. In our ever-advancing world, technology has become a part of life that cannot be ignored.

At Wonder Kids Academy, we focus on not only teaching your children language, cognitive, physical, and social skills, but also technological skills. We believe that children should learn how technology works and how to use it efficiently in everyday life. Your children learn about the digital world in a safe and monitored environment where they can learn the benefits and workings of the technology they’ll use for years to come.