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Prairieville's Child Care Center and Preschool

Wonder Kids Academy fundamentally believes that quality childcare is one of the most important things you can give any child today. Your kids deserve exceptional learning opportunities in a safe space and more than just ‘playcare’. Our education programs are designed to work alongside parents at home. We offer better access to your kids and what they’re playing, eating, painting, and learning. More means Wonder Kids Academy.

Ages: 6 weeks to 12 years


At Wonder Kids Academy, we prepare children to take on the advancing world through comprehensive and research-based curriculums. Our staff focuses on developing your child’s language, cognitive, physical, and social skills in a safe and encouraging daycare environment. With our advanced FrogStreet curriculum and our progress tracking system, Brightwheel, you’ll be able to see your child’s growth in each subject and celebrate their successes.

From exploring to play, our staff uses every moment as a teaching opportunity. When your child interacts with the world around him or her, they get a chance to learn the “why” and “how” for every question they have. Through encouraged curiosity and guided investigation, your child will learn the skills that will serve him or her throughout school and beyond.

Safe and Interactive Learning Environment

Our educators realize how important early childhood education is to your child’s success. We dedicate our lessons to your child’s current needs and abilities. With tailored learning, we expand their skill sets by teaching them new concepts and enhance the skills they excel in already.

Keeping you involved as the parent and knowledgeable about our academy is a key part of our philosophy here at Wonder Kids Academy. Your child’s teacher sends you updates through our Brighwheel system and tells you all about the small but important successes your child has throughout the day.

You can also check in with your child at any time on our safety cameras to find them napping peacefully or reading with their teacher. The PB&JTV systems use HD cameras and allow parents to check in on their children in the classrooms and common areas. You’ll never miss a smile or an achievement as your little one learns at Wonder Kids Academy.

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Enroll your child at Wonder Kids Academy today and watch their love for learning grow as they do. ​

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